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SWERTRES HEARING TODAY December 20,2023 Official PCSO Lotto Results


Swertres Hearing Today December 20 2023

Swertres Hearing #13-1-1
Swertres Hearing #21-6-3
Swertres Hearing #38-3-5

How much is the Swertres ticket?


A Swertres ticket typically costs just 12 pesos per combination. This wallet-friendly price point has made Swertres a top choice among lottery enthusiasts. It provides an opportunity to win substantial prizes without breaking the bank. Players can select their preferred three-digit combination from 000 to 999 and decide how much they want to wager, fitting their budget and playing style.

With its low cost and potential for attractive winnings, Swertres is an accessible and appealing option for those looking to try their luck in the world of lottery games. 

How to win Swertres?

Here are some Swertres winning strategies:

  • Predict the Exact Combination: In Swertres, players must correctly predict the three-digit combination drawn during daily draws.
  • Stay informed by following accurate Swertres Hearing predictions, which are frequently based on historical data and professional research.
  • Diversify Your Number Choices: Rather than sticking to the same combination, diversify your options to boost your chances of matching the winning numbers.
  • Consider the Rambolito method: The Rambolito method allows for permutations and offers greater freedom in number selection.
  • Set a Budget: Create a budget for Swertres and play sensibly to ensure that you may enjoy the game without jeopardizing your financial well-being.

Following these tactics will increase your chances of winning Swertres.

PCSO Daily Schedule of Games

Lotto GameDraw DaysDraw Time
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2D LottoMonday to Sunday2:00 PM, 5:00 PM, 9:00 PM
STL Pares, Swer3 & Swer2 VisayasMonday to Sunday10:30 AM, 3:00 PM, 7:00 PM
STL Pares, Swer3 & Swer2, Swer4 MindanaoMonday to Sunday10:30 AM, 3:00 PM, 8:00 PM

Can I Play Swertres Lotto?

Can I Play Swertres Lotto

Here is the information about eligibility and how to play Swertres Lotto:

Age Requirement: To take part in Swertres Lotto, players must be at least 18 years old.

Residency: Swertres Lotto is open to both residents of the Philippines and non-residents, making it accessible to a wide range of people.

Ticket Purchase: You can buy Swertres tickets at authorized PCSO outlets located all across the Philippines.

Responsible Gaming: It’s important to play responsibly and stay within your budget to ensure that you have an enjoyable gaming experience.

Swertres Lotto offers an exciting chance for players to test their luck and potentially win attractive prizes, making it a popular choice among lottery enthusiasts in the Philippines.

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